Americas Management Group (AMG) identifies, creates and sponsors mid-market private equity opportunities in emerging markets (primarily Latin America) and the United States. AMG then works with established private equity groups to fund and manage these opportunities. AMG has established relationships with several of the leading international private equity funds.

AMG seeks to identify proprietary mid-market opportunities where the application of management, capital  and technology can transform a business. Many of these opportunities are pan-regional in nature, and seek to take advantage of the economies of scale that capital and professional management can provide. Through the use of its management affiliates (see below) and regional management relationships,  AMG often augments the existing management team with key personnel to allow the platform company to expand, professionalize or enter new markets.

AMG is opportunistic, but its primary targets have solid earnings and are in fundamentally strong markets (often with rapid growth). Moreover, AMG often seeks to identify a platform company for “buy and build” opportunities.  In emerging markets, AMG seeks to identify high growth businesses whose revenues are “dollar-based” (for example, exporters or companies that index their revenues in U.S. Dollars) or that can reasonably mitigate emerging market risks. AMG has led the consolidation of more than 100 companies in the past 30 years, with more than $3.5 billion of total transaction value.

Management Affiliates

A critical element of generating proprietary deal flow are the strong relationships with experienced local teams that identify and assist in the execution of, and manage transactions on behalf of AMG.  The core team has long standing relationships with 5-10, “management affiliate”, teams in markets such as Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and the United States.  Each team has worked with international private equity funds and is prepared to operate assets and report with practices consistent with the highest international standards.

Industry expertise encompassed by management affiliate teams includes:

  • Media (cable television, DTH, television, radio, outdoor advertising)

  • Consumer staples (including branded food products and pet food)

  • Basic Industries

  • Logistics

  • Agriculture

  • Infrastructure and power generation

  • Ecotourism

  • Health Care Services